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About Us

TANSTIA is an apex body recognized by both state and Central Government.

It was established in 1956.

All district SSI Associations,Industrial Estate manufactureres Associations,Productwise manufacturing Associations and other areawise Associations are its members.

It has more than hundred Associations and more than thousand SSI units as its members.

It has a well organized district level set up.

It is recognized by state and central Government and their departments like TN-SSI, DC-SSI, NSIC, SIDCO, SIDBI etc.

Service offered by TANSTIA :

Entrepreneur counseling service

TANSTIA offers Entrepreneur Counseling service to the existing and new entrepreneurs on every Wednesday between 3pm to 5pm.

The counseling service is available on subjects like How to start small industries, raising finance to set up small industries Modernization and Diversification, Qualify system, revival of sick units, etc.

Administrative training for persons under PMRY scheme

TANSTIA provided administrative training for persons selected under PMRY scheme.

So for it has trained more than 10000 beneficiaries of PMRY scheme.

It helps to redress the problems faced by PMRY beneficiaries.

Sub - contracting exchange programme

One of the vital activity of TANSTIA is forming linkages between large scale industries and small scale industries through sub-contracting Exchange programme sponsored by Development commissioner - SSI, Ministry of Industry, Government of India.

It aims at improving the productivity and marketing capacity of Small and Tiny industries.

Sub-Contracting exchange is functioning as a bridge between the small scale industries and large scale industries who can utilize the spare capacity of SSIs

It also facilitates for the creation of a Database on the requirement of the large scale industries.

Barefoot managers training programme

Aims at training of personnel for managerial support to small industries.

MoU with T.N industrial guidance and export promotion bureau (guidance)

TANSTIA has signed a memorandum of understanding with Guidance.

Through this TANSTIA makes available Technical and Export information to the small and Tiny industries.

MoU with chambers of commerce of others countries

TANSTIA has signed memorandum of understanding with chambers of commerce of Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka, Jakarta, Philippines and USA.Through these agreement TANSTIA helps to promote joint ventures.

Entrepreneurial development programme for women

TANSTIA organizes regularly Entrepreneurial Development Programmes, Programme on Textile and leather Garment sponsored by Department of Industries and commerce is being organized by TANSTIA.

Women entrepreneurs wing

TANSTIA offer specific services to women to through special entrepreneurship development programme.

Liaison with government

TANSTIA represents Small and Tiny industries in many of the policy making bodies (Refer Para 3).

TANSTIA helps to redress the problems of the individual members.

TANSTIA collectively represents the requirements of Small and Tiny industries aiming at the growth of Small and Tiny industries.

Publication of small industry

TANSTIA publishes a monthly journal Small industry.

It provides information on Government orders, Trade Enquiries, News bulletin from banks and financial institutions.

Small Industry Magazine is circulated to various Govt. Departments and Undertakings apart from its own Members and Subscribers.

Organising of seminars, workshops and exhibitions

TANSTIA is involved in organizing seminars and workshops on Technical and Managerial topics.

Such programmes are offered at affordable charges to the small and Tiny industries. TANSTIA also arranges exhibitions with a view to promote markets for the Small and Tiny industries products.

Link with academic and research institutions

TANSTIA takes active role in all activities of premier institutions like Anna University. CIPET, Centre for Entrepreneur development, etc and Government departments like Science and Technology.

Through this, TANSTIA helps the members in product development, etc.

Individual grievance representation

TANSTIA guides and represents individual industries to sort out their grievances.

Extension of regional co-operation of small industries

TANSTIA have played a important role in the formation of the Co-ordination committee of southern states small scale industries association of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Pondicherry and Kerala.


TANSTIA in collaboration with various Associations organises a state level Small and Tiny industries convention - 'STICON' every year. STICON helps to the disseminate information about the SSI sector and useful information to it. It also helps to discuss the common problems of SSI and to represent to the concerned Government departments and Financial institutions.